Toll Management System

Metro Toll Management System (MTMS) is computerizing automatic toll collection system which is developed by Pyei Sone Hein Company Limited locally by using high tech technologies. MTMS allows for nonstop toll collection and traffic monitoring. MTMS equipped with Automatic Lane Barrier (ALB), Lane Processer System (LPS), Toll Fare Indicator (TFI), Overhead Traffic Light (OTL), Vehicle Detection Sensor, IP Camera System, Weighbridge system and Online UPS backup power system. Fully Computerized system to uniquely identify each vehicle classification, vehicle/traffic monitoring, data collection, back office system and centralized head office systems.

Metro Toll Management System (MTMS) in addition to solutions which is a high-end key can be executed allowing for several methods of payment including smartcard, cash and RFID tags. MTMS can be integrated with Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system.


  • Touch Screen / Toll Keyboard Lane computer system
  • Fully automated lane processing feature
  • Weighbridge management and Exceed weight alarming system
  • Multiple vehicle classification facility
  • Interface to toll server
  • Vehicle Image capturing system
  • Displaying unusual occurrence transaction details
  • Vehicle violation Record & Detection
  • Management of revenue collection and audit
  • Multiple web reporting facility
  • Traffic Analysis Report
  • Client File Management Data
  • Web-based back office configuration facility
  • Remote Access and Monitoring feature
  • Security management

System Advantages

  1. Fast and accurate Toll Collection
  2. Support various modes of payment. (cash, coupon tickets, Prepaid card, ETC )
  3. Applicable to various pricing structures and highway network configurations
  4. Easy to use for Toll operators and road users.

General Architecture of the System

Metro Toll Management System (MTMS) includes Cash Lane System, Weighbridge Lane System, and Back Office System for Toll Plaza.

Lane Processer System & Related Materials

Lane Processor System

  • Brand: FEC
  • Processor Intel® Celeron J1900 up to 2.42 Ghz
  • System Memory 4GB (1 x 204-pin DDR3L)
  • Power Supply 150W (12V / 12.5A) External Power Adaptor
  • Storage Device 1 x 2.5” SATA HDD 500G
  • USB Port 6
  • (USB 2.0 x 3; USB 3.0 x 1; USB 2.0 x 1 Front; Powered USB 24V x 1)
  • Cash Drawer Port1 x RJ11 (12V / 24V)
  • LAN Port 1 x RJ45 Gigabit LAN
  • Finless &Ventilation – free
  • 18.5” LED Monitor
  • Toll Keyboard
  • Receipt Printer
  • Lane Controller I/O Board
  • Object code software license
  • UPS 1200 Watt


Automatic Lane Barrier (ALB)

  • Brand: METRO
  • ZBS 306 (3M – 3S)
  • Arm length 3 meter
  • Opening time : 3 seconds
  • Power supply : 220VAC 50Hz
  • Output power : 24VAC
  • Motor’s power : 120W
  • (Made in Taiwan)
Toll Fare Indicator (TFI)

  • Brand: METRO
  • Super bright and large screen LED Toll Fare Indicator
  • Violation siren and beacon
  • 200mm LED Type Lane Traffic Light (LTL)
  • Pole with base plate for the TFI
  • (Made in Taiwan)
Vehicle Detection Sensor

  • Brand: BANNER
  • Supply Voltage : 10 to 30V dc (10% max. ripple) at 70 mA,
  • Output Response Time: 30 milliseconds
  • Temperature Effect: 30 milli gauss/•C
  • Operating Conditions: -20• to +60•C (-4• to +140•F) ;
  • 90% max. rel humidity
  • Environmental rating: Leak proof design is rated IEC IP67;
  • NEMA 6P

(Made in USA)

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