Road Safety Materials

Speed Hump (High 2”), Speed Hump (High 1”), Aluminum Road Stud (Double Side), Plastic Road Stud (Double Side), Sign Backboard (Circle), Sign Backboard (Tringle), Water Fill Barrier (L590mm), Water Fill Barrier (L1300mm), Water Fill Crash Cushions, Water Fill Vessel, Plastic Delineator Double Way, Metal Delineator Single Way, Traffic Baton Light, PVC Traffic Cone(70cm), Rubber Traffic Cone (70cm), PU Flexible Post (60cm),



Automatic/ Manual Barrier


  • For control and management of toll gates
  • Arm length 3 meter
  • Opening time from 3 seconds.
  • Power supply : 220VAC 50Hz
  • Output power : 24VAC
  • Motor’s power : 120W
  • Time for up/down : 3S

PVC Traffic Cone

Height : 70cm

Rubber Traffic Cone

Height : 70cm

PU Flexible Post 

Height : 60cm

Traffic Baton Light
  • Speed Hump –  L480xW610xH32mm
  • End Cap –  L200xW610xH32mm
  • Speed Hump – L500xW350xH50mm
  • End Cap –  L170xW350xH50mm
SMC Sign Backboard 80cm (Circle Board – Without Sticker)
SMC Sign Backboard 70cm (Triangle Board -Without Sticker)
Water Fill Barrier (Without Pole, With Reflective Tape)

  • Top width: 150mm, Bottom Width: 430mm
  • Length: 590mm, Height: 590mm
Water Filled Barrier (With Reflective Tape)

  • Top width: 200mm, Bottom Width: 400mm,
  • Length: 1300mm, Height: 650mm
  • Color (Red/White) 

Water filled Crash Cushions With Reflective Tape

Height: 820mm, Dia: 580mm


  • Head:          : (L)900x(W)900x(H)900mm
  • Vessel Tail : (L)900x(W)450x(H)900mm
  • Stern           : (L)900x(W)450x(H)900mm


Plastic Delineator – Double Way
Metal Delineator –  Single Way