Intensive duty 24v – 4m/5m barrier

Key features.

  • 24Vdc electromechanical barrier for intensive use
  • Amperometric sensing obstacle detection
  • Stainless steel options available
  • Integrated photocell options in the barrier case (FTC.S)
  • Simple and effective boom arm balancing through spring tension

Technical specification.

  • The barrier can easily be switched to be handed the other side
  • A simple, fast-acting manual release mechanism
  • Flashing light option along the boom arm as well as boom arm articulation
  • Three adjustable limit switches for braking and closing phases
  • Foundation plates available as an optional extra

General Details

Product information

24v Intensive use electromechanical traffic barrier.

Integrated control panel with external release

LADY – 24Vdc Traffic barrier – max 4m boom
LADY.5 – 24Vdc Traffic barrier – max 5m boom

Stainless steel options are available (LADY.I)

24Vdc | intensive use

  • Right or left hand – the barrier can be easily re-handed
  • Integrated dual height photocells into the barrier case (FTC.S)
  • 24 Vdc – Possibility of battery back up system
  • Amperometric sensing obstacle detection
  • Fast acting manual release
  • Optional flashing lights – Boom arm and barrier case
  • 2 Adjustable mechanical stops
  • Simple, quick and reliable boom arm balancing system

All Beninca barriers are availablie with a FULL list of accessories from lighting, safety and security options….please view barrier accessoires.

Part numbers / kit codes

Kit Codes

Our barrier kits come complete with the following:
1 x Barrier
1 x Boom
1 x Tip rest (fixed or swinging tip rest)

KLADY – 24Vdc 4m Intensive use barrier Kit
KLADY.5 – 24Vdc 5m Intensive use barrier Kit

Optional foundation plate = VE.PS

Part numbers

LADY – 24Vdc Intensive use barrier – 4m max boom length
LADY.5 – 24Vdc Intensive use barrier – 5m max boom length
Optional foundation plate = VE.PS

LADY.P5 – LADY 5 barrier boom – with red rubber profile
LADY.A5 – Standard LADY 5 barrier boom
VE.AF – fixed tip rest
VE.RAST – 2m of barrier skirt
LADY.L – flashing light set for LADY.5 barrier boom
LADY.SN – articulated arm set for LADY.5 barrier
VE.CAT500 – reflective sticker set for LADY.5 barrier boom