Domestic sliding gate motor (TURBO)

Key features.

  • 24v 600Kg & 1200KG capacity
  • Amperometric sensing obstacle detection as well as a virtual encoder for optimum management of slow down phases
  • Built-in control panels for ease of installation (top mounted)
  • Full metal manual release mechanism with additional safety sensor during maintenance
  • FAST 25 m/min speed – full TURBO operation

Technical specification

  • A built-in radio receiver which allows up to 512 transmitters to be coded
  • Switching power supply 195 – 265 Vac 50hz
  • Standard M4 z18 (mod 4) drive rack
  • Built-in battery back up, space and housing to just add batteries
  • Intensive duty cycle – up to 120 cycles per hour

General details

Product information

  • Advanced PCB (top mounted)
    New control panel with the switching transformer for a supply of 195 to 265 Vac 50Hz. The control panel is installed above the motor for more comfortable wiring and programming. All parameters and logic are set up using the LCD display and buttons.
  • Built in battery back up charger
    Built in battery back up charger, so just add batteries for 24v operational battery back up.
  • New quick programming function
    During the initial set up stage you are able to program the motor by using a transmitter which will perform a ‘quick auto-set’.
  • Virtual encoder and STC system
    BULL624 Turbo is equipped with a virtual encoder which ensures the best safety and optimal management of the slowdown phases with the possibility to track it using the STC system.
  • Advanced safety features
    Manual release mchanism fitted with a motor cut out and safety sensor for optinum safety during maintenance.
  • Details which make a difference
    Handy cable clamp and extended protection around cable entry as well as housing for 2 x 12v batteries (2.1Ah DABT2) within the motor housing for operational battery back up.
  • KNX integration
    Ready for the connection of the X.BE accessory for integration with KNX Domotica System.

Residential electromechanical geared sliding gate motor.

BULL 624TURBO – 24Vdc Sliding gate motor for gates up to 600KG – Domestic Use – TURBO – she’s fast!
BULL 1224TURBO – 24Vdc Sliding gate motor for gates up to 1200KG – Domestic Use – TURBO – just as fast!



Part numbers / kit codes

Kit codes

Our kits come complete with the following:
1 x Control Panel (Built In)
1 x Built-in battery charger – just add batteries
1 x Pair of PUPILLA Photocells
1 x Long range 433.92Mhz aerial
2 x TO.GO 2 button transmitters (rolling code or programmable code/fixed code)
4 x 1Mtr lengths of toothed drive rack (steel or nylon)

KBULL624T – TURBO – 24Vdc – for gates up to 600KG – TURBO
KBULL1224T – TURBO – 24Vdc – for gates up to 1200KG – TURBO

Single motor only

BULL624T – 24Vdc – for gates up to 600KG – TURBO
BULL1224T – 24Vdc – for gates up to 1200KG – TURBO