Commercial sliding gate motor

Key features.

  • Top selling commercial sliding gate motor
  • 230v with inverter technology (BISON25 OTI)
  • 400v large commercial options (BISON35OTI / BISON45OTI)
  • Built-in control panel with top access
  • Solid metal cover with photocell integration (FTC.S)

Technical specifications.

  • Inverter technology – complete control of the frequency of the motor, gate speed and gate movement (slow down periods)
  • Intensive use duty cycle – can be used on very busy gates
  • Standard MOD 4 pinion for use with MOD 4 drive rak (BISON25OTI)
  • Oil submerged gears for maximum gear durability
  • Unbelievable 3500kg and 4500kg capacity (BISON35OTI / 45OTI)

General details

Product information

The BISON range of commercial sliding gate motors has become one of the most popular products for the UK market. The BISON25OTI has built an unquestionable reputation for a solid, strong, reliable sliding gate motor in commercial situations.

  • Reliability and high-quality materials
    The strong mechanis and oil lubrication ensires maximum performance and reliability as well as excellent efficiency, even at low temperatures.
  • Top performance
    Very intensive duty cycle with a self cooling, oil lubricated motor and inverter technology. A genuine commercial sliding gate motor.
  • Innovative technical solutions
    Inverter technology gives you the ability to have maximum control over the motor torque, operating phases and slow down periods. Very smooth operation with controllable speed is one of many reasons why the BISON has become the go-to commercial sliding gate motor.
  • Its all in the detail…
    Unique manual release mechanism with top mounted control panel and photocell integration within the motor housing.



Part numbers / kit codes

Part numbers

BISON25OTI – 230Vac Commercial sliding gate motor for gates up to 2500Kg with inverter technology
BISON35OTI – 400Vac Commercial sliding gate motor for gates up to 3500Kg with inverter technology
BISON45OTI – 400Vac Commercial sliding gate motor for gates up to 4500Kg with inverter technology

BISON motors are only available as single motors, they are not available in kit form