Electromechanical articulated arm operator

Key features.

  • Self-locking electromechanical articulated arm
  • Suitable for gates installed on larger gate posts (brick piers)
  • Neat slim design
  • Suitable for gates up to 2.1m
  • Built-in control panel (one side)

Technical specification.

  • Amperometric sensing, obstacle detection
  • Intensive use
  • Equipped with a mechanical open stop
  • Optional battery back-up
  • Optional cable unlock device in case of power failure

General details

Product information

The BEN is a perfect light duty domestic operator when you have to choose articulated arm operators. Suitable for larger brick piers. Only 167mm wide the BEN might be the ideal solution for your gate post.

The BEN also has a neat built-in control panel (an adaptation of the BRAINY24) and has mechanical stops in the opening phase.



Control panel & features

BEN kits are supplied with an adaptation the full feature BRAINY24 control panel.


  • Step by step input
  • Electronic force adjustment
  • Diagnostics LCD display
  • Built in 433.93Mhz radio receiver
  • 8.2Kohm Safety edge input – wire direct into the board

Part numbers / kit codes

Kit codes

KBN24 – KIT ONLY – 24Vdc Articulated arm kit – for gate leafs up to 2.1m
BEN kits come complete with the following:
2 x BEN motors (control panel built-in on one master motor)
2 x Articulated arms
1 x Pair of PUPILLA photocells
1 x 433.92Mhz aerial long-range aerial
2 x TO.GO 2 button transmitters (rolling code or programmable code/fixed code)

BEN is not available as a single kit