The Fuelco Aviation are self bunded tanks suitable for the storage of aviation fuels such as Jet Fuel and Avgas*.

These are built with a stainless steel inner tank specifically designed for aviation fuels.

An integrated dispensing package, designed specifically for your application, turns this aviation fuel tank into a turnkey refuelling system. Get in touch for more information.


Aviation Tanks Standard features:

Self bunded tank for integral bunding eliminating the need for external containment
Tanks designed and approved to CSC for transport by road, rail and ship
Inner tanks come as either 304 stainless steel or epoxy lined carbon steel. All fittings and pipework 304 stainless steel.
Emergency venting
Sloping floor to sump
Water extraction pipework into sump
Jiggle wire, dipstick and vent access from Pumpbay
Interstitial space dip and vent
Optional walkway along top of the tank giving access to vents, dip sticks
Manway and inspection hatch

Suitable for use for Jet A-1 and Avgas

Water removing features:

  • Slope floor 1:50 fall to low point sump
  • Collection sump with sampling
  • Dewatering pump

Options: 2” & 3” floating suction
Vent Pipe: Free Vent – Jet A1 | Pressure Vacuum – Avgas
Fluid Level Dipstick: Aluminium
Compliance: AS1940, AS1692, AS1657, UL 142
Tested: UL 142
Constructed: UL 142

Note: check regulations for storing AvGas in your area.